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Who is NFHE ?

NFHE Group aims to be

  • Fun, friendly, open to all and inclusive.
  • Be semi structured and resource based
  • Allow children to explore the topics and follow their interests to their own abilities
  • Mixture of hands-on practical work and discussion
  • Enable and encourage children to work independently of adults
  • Enable children to work as a group while independently challenging, questioning and contributing to each session
  • Use high quality external resources
NFHE is a not for profit group run by myself, Marie Waterhouse (Chair) Chris Waterhouse (Treasurer) and Sandy  Cunningham (Secretary)

In addition to the local home education groups in the New Forest NFHE has also created a UK wide initiative called
www.HomeEducated.Org.UK which is also not for profit and run by home educators for home educators.

Please ask - Ask us any question, we would love to hear from you. Visit the New Forest Home Ed FB page and ask your local Home Educators for support.