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Who is NFHE ?

My name is Marie and I home educate my two children.  I hope NFHE Explorers group provides a place where children and their parents can come together and explore exciting topics, share their knowledge, enthusiasm and make friends. 

NFHE Group aims to be

  • Fun, friendly, open to all and inclusive.
  • Be semi structured and resource based
  • Allow children to explore the topics and follow their interests to their own abilities
  • Mixture of hands-on practical work and discussion
  • Enable and encourage children to work independently of adults
  • Enable children to work as a group while independently challenging, questioning and contributing to each session
  • Use high quality external resources
NFHE is a not for profit group run by myself, Marie (Chair) Chris (Treasurer) and Sandy (Secretary)

In addition to the local home education groups in the New Forest NFHE has also created a UK wide initiative called www.HomeEducated.Org.UK which is also not for profit and run by home educators for home educators.

Please ask - Ask us any question, we would love to hear from you.
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