John Muir Award

John Muir Environmental Awards - Discovery Level and Beyond

This is something you can organise yourself. Get a group together and visit the John Muir Web site..

A fantastic environmental award for all ages. Minimum age for individual awards is 8 years though families with younger children can enter as a family group for the family award.

On completion of the John Muir Award certificates will be applied for. Children over 8years can be awarded individual certificates. Families with children under 8years can be awarded a family certificate.

Aside from the environmental benefit and personal development John Muir Awards are connected to the following :
· England Education Overview
· John Muir and the Curriculum
· Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the John Muir Award
· John Muir Award Resource Guide – Literacy and Nature
· Information and support materials for ‘The Lost Words’ poetry resources by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris.